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 I'm occasionally QRV from Kuwait Amateur Radio Society , 9K2RA



                                              Dinner with my 9K2 HAM-friends

Goran, S55OO studying manuals B4 ctest :)     QRZ ?    9K9K - CQ Contest


Pool at radioclub 9K2RA            Early start is very important...   

June/July 2007

Gregor, S53RA at KARS    9K2/S53CO holding tube :o(    9K2/S53CO checking DXCluster    9K2/S53CO at 9K2YM setting up 2m EME equipment

Too many wires ?! Nope...    9K2YM explaining     Yes, small adjustment to be done    Nice weather, +45C at 21.00 Local time

Not too high, but enough for first 2m EME QSO from 9K land    9K2YM and 9K2/S53CO after succesfull job :o)    S52AA in WPX 2008 from 9K2RA